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About Your Instructors

Terry Stokes

Terry is one of the finest hypnotists performing today and provides an entertainment experience you will never forget. He entertains more than a million people per year and the crowds keep getting bigger!
Buyers and patrons agree, for the most fun-filled evening imaginable, nothing can top his show!

From the small pubs and bars in Atlanta, GA, through the greatest fairs and outdoor shows in North America, to the finest showrooms in Las Vegas, TERRY STOKES has become the premier stage hypnotist of our time. TERRY'S on-stage charisma has made "The Terry Stokes Show" a most unforgettable entertainment experience.

Visit Terry's website at www.tstokes.com.




Michael Johns

Michael is a national comedy club entertainment veteran and star of the the most successful permanent hypnosis show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Google "Michael Johns Hypnosis" and you will get over 1.2 million hits! 
If you want to achieve stardom in hypnosis and drive a Lamborghini, learn from a guy who is a star and drives a Lamborghini!  Michael has toured comedy clubs all across the USA and has headlined some of the largest clubs in America.

Visit his website at www.twistedcomedy.com.



Richard K. Nongard, CCH

Hypnotist to Las Vegas Stars!  
Known for his unique insights and innovative teaching strategies, Richard has trained in Canada, Europe and in the USA in psychology, NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis.

Richard Nongard, a licensed psychotherapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist, has become the hypnotist to the Las Vegas Stars, working as a coach to Michael Johns and with other headliners of the Las Vegas Strip.  He was one of Eugene Burgers first magic students over 20 years ago,  and has been performing and teaching in one capacity or another for almost 30 years.  In his free-time he travels the world, most recently visiting Prague, Poland and Western Europe.  Richard is a popular keynote speaker and presenter in both Europe and the United States.

Visit his hypnosis training website at www.LearnClinicalHypnosis.com.
For mental/behavioral health and nursing continuing education CE/CEU/CNE credits see www.FastCEUs.com.
For clinical hypnosis / hypnotherapy services, see Richard Nongard at www.TulsaHypnosisClinic.com.


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